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Robert Bouffler

Robert Bouffler

Robert Bouffler was a remarkable man. On these pages you can read an appreciation by Viv Edwards, one of our current trustees. If you have your own memories to add to this story, please let us know. You can email or create an account on this site and add your comments.

Notes provided by Sue Simpson
Robert Bouffler Archive
From the Memorial Service Booklet:
    Jonathan Robarts, Jenny Fowler, Michael Nebe, Sue Simpson, David Birt

"I knew Robert, both in Australia (Sydney) and in England, back in the

We met at the house of a harpsichord teacher who lived in the North Shore
in Sydney - as both of us were having lessons there.

Robert was leaving for England, before I was, and went to stay with my
parents (Gerald and Anna Boyd) in Ipswich for several weeks before I
arrived (by sea!) from Sydney.We then shared a house in Laker Place,
Putney, for several months before he took up a place to read Music (for a
Masters Degree) at Christ Church (college) Oxford, where he had rooms
right under the famous Tom Tower there. It was fun to visit him there
in such hallowed quarters!

He wanted to marry me (we were only in our early 20s!) but his
father was rather less than enthusiastic about the idea than we were!

His parents (he was adopted by them, and was their only child) made sure
he was comfortable in England and, in addition to my Lipp piano at our
rented house, he added a Morley clavichord and a little MG midget sports
car in which we drive all the way, across Salisbury Plain in the rain and
wind, to stay with my parents in their new house in Somerset. Robert
enjoyed staying in that little village of Drayton and we used to go to
the village pub and drink the amazing scrumpy... and then try to stagger
home in the unlit village street! Robert always said his father was a
farmer, not a haulage contactor.

I never met his parents, but they wrote regularly to him and were clearly
very devoted to him. He was a very talented pianist and we enjoyed
going to many concerts in London together, particularly those of
contemporary music on the South Bank."

Many thanks to Angela for this fascinating contribution. Angela went on to spend many years with RCA Records, in Curzon Street, organising their classical recordings.