Some typical press reviews

“The Australian pianist Robert Bouffler is an artist of integrity who serves the composers on his programme with the respect which allows the music to speak for itself. He possesses a sound technique which makes this possible. At the Purcell Room last night he opened with a joyous account of Scarlatti’s Sonata in D major, and performed the slow meditative E minor with the minimum use of the sustaining pedal, this allowing the four parts to be unusually distinct. Mr Bouffler gave a generous account of Schumann’s Sonata in G minor, reflecting its varied moods and perception and with the composer’s authentic tonalities.

“Scriabin’s one-movement Sonata No.5 was given a luminous reading, brilliant with its clusters of notes in the high treble range and velvet-toned in the quiet passages. Even today Schonberg’s three Klavierstuck have an illusive quality but Mr Bouffler matched his tone with so much skill to the often puzzling harmonies and fluctuating rhythms that they became unusually lucid.”

Daily Telegraph
Robert Bouffler portrait

“Robert Bouffler’s account of the Ravel Piano Concerto for the Left Hand was beautifully done, his piano tone glowing luminously, and he showed a complete understanding of the inner character of the music…a bold yet shapely interpretation”

Daily Telegraph

“A programme abounding in riches, some of them off the beaten track, was given at the Purcell Room last night by Jonathan Robarts, bass-baritone, with his accompanist Robert Bouffler, who also provided contributory piano solos. Their fine musicianship and easy presentation disguised the complexities in a full-blooded selection from the great German song-writers.

“Admirably teamed, they immediately struck a solemn note in Mozart’s Masonic Cantata, the singing illuminating the long declamatory recitative with vision and bringing tenderness to the five short arias. With his group of Schubert, Mr Robarts set the composer’s delightful moods by lightening the quality of his full, warm voice, evoking the ardour of the serenader in An die Laute. Mr Bouffler’s rendering of the Klavierstuck No1 in E flat minor enhanced the Schubertian atmosphere. The feelings of nostalgia in the five songs of Brahms’ Op 72 drew from Mr Roberts still more vibrancy and here in Verzagen. Mr Bouffler fulfilled his exacting task with brilliance.”

Daily Telegraph

“The organist of the trio, Robert Bouffler quickly found his way around the registration of the not too opulent organ of the Resurrection Church. By mastering this small organ, he could bring the last little perfection out of it. As well he still kept sufficient discretion of cello and soprano soloists. Soloist and accompanist excelled in seamless ensemble-playing. A real artistic treat.”

Mannheimer Morgen